Guest Q/A

Some of our guests ask unique and insightful questions; for the benefit of all, we post some here!

Question: We would like to go diving! Who would you recommend?

Answer: Blackbeard sports is the biggest dive operation, and a good choice unless you are diving experts with hundreds of dives under your belt. They have a good blend of safety/adventure/customer service, in my opinion. I went down I took a friend who hadn’t gotten in the water in 15 years (!) and they did well to make him feel comfortable without making the rest of us feel bored.

Question: Where would we find the ferry schedule?

Answer: I believe this PR  page is the closest you will get to an official ferry schedule. 

Some days it works like clockwork, some days you’d be better off swimming. For two guests, I recommend flying in. If you are booking from outside the Caribbean, you can book straight through to Vieques airport (VQS). If you are coming from mainland PR, you can catch a relatively inexpensive commuter flight. Our webpage has details –

Question: What are the prevailing winds like? Do the winds cause a different experience on the Caribbean (south) side vs the Atlantic (north) side?

Answer: During the summer, prevailing winds are out of the east, so it doesn’t matter if you are on the Atlantic or Caribbean side of the island. Unprotected beaches (of which there are a few, more on the north side) will have waves, and the protected beaches (more on the south side) will have calmer waters.

Esperanza, Vieques - Average Weather by Month

Question: Are mosquitos and other bugs a problem?

Answer: Mosquitos are typically only active after the sun goes down, when the wind calms. In our experience, there are brief periods of heightened mosquito activity on Vieques, but most of the time we don’t have any. I believe this is a function of how much rain we have recently received. Punta Arenas, on the north-west corner of the island, has nasty sand fleas after noon, but we haven’t found them to be a problem on other beaches.